Benefits of Dog Daycare & Boarding

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Benefits of Dog Daycare include the following and more…

  • glendale dog daycarePeace of Mind:   You have the satisfaction of knowing that your dog is safe, well cared for, and active. Happily running with his pack of friends throughout the day, even while you are stuck exhausted at work, your best friend will still get his day at the park.
  • Anxiety:   Group play and socialization can alleviate separation anxiety, and related destructive behavioral tendencies, by introducing your dog to new canine playmates and human friends while they are away from you.
  • Behavior:   With plentiful stimulation, dog daycare can help alleviate behavior problems such as excessive barking, chewing and digging, which can result from boredom or a lack of exercise.
  • Social Skills:   Through one-on-one and group play, dogs form friendships, increase their social skills, and learn to play safely and confidently with other dogs. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs that are timid or fearful.
  • Training:   Dogs use up a great deal of energy during their time at daycare, which makes for a well-rested and relaxed dog at home. Relaxed, calm dogs make for much better pupils than rambunctious cooped up dogs.
  • Value:   Dog walkers charge up to $50 per hour for their services, during which your dog will get a spin around the neighborhood and maybe meet a few dogs along the way. For equal or less money, your dog gets up to 12 hours stimulating  play and  socialization with trained supervision.

13 thoughts on “Benefits of Dog Daycare & Boarding

  • By Kyle Wayne - Reply

    Wow, I had no idea that there were so many benefits of dog boarding. The point that you made about improved behavior made a lot of sense to me. I would prefer to have my dog act more appropriately at my home so I will be sure to look into local boarding options so that I can experience these benefits for myself!

  • By chums4pets - Reply

    Thanks for sharing some good information about the benefits of dog day care.

  • By Derek Mcdoogle - Reply

    You stated that group play and socialization can alleviate separation anxiety, and related destructive behavioral tendencies, by introducing your dog to new canine playmates and human friends while they are away from you. My wife brought home a puppy for our children to play with but with all of us gone all day we have to find another solution. Do most dog daycare centers have different activities or care levels to offer? Finding a reputable dog daycare facility might be a good idea.

  • By Dennis Sanchez - Reply

    I really love what you said about how boarding services are a great option because group play and socialization can alleviate separation anxiety, by introducing your dog to new canine playmates and human friends while they are away from you. My sister has a very energetic dog but will be going on a trip to visit family for a couple of weeks. Finding a boarding facility that allows for dogs to play with each other would be a great way to keep the dog healthy while she’s away.

  • By Kylie Dotts - Reply

    I like how you mentioned that a dog will get tired which will make him more relaxed at home. We have a few dogs that are absolutely crazy with energy. If all we could do is take them to a dog boarding to let them get rid of most of their energy we would do it! We’ll have to see if there is one close by.

  • By Alexandria Martinez - Reply

    My fiance and I are looking for a dog boarding facility for our puppy, Boomer. We liked knowing that boarding will alleviate anxiety through group play and socialization. Boomer doesn’t get to play with a lot of dogs since there aren’t very many in our neighborhood and he would probably love it so much!

  • By Taylor Bishop - Reply

    Thanks for helping me understand more about some reasons to use a dog daycare. I actually hadn’t considered that this could be helpful to help dogs that are timid by bonding with other dogs. My sister has been thinking about getting a dog so this information may be useful to her in the future.

  • By Oscar O'Malley - Reply

    I like that you mentioned that being able to play with other dogs can help alleviate behavioral problems like barking, chewing and digging. My wife and I are going on vacation and need someone to watch our dog, I think taking him to a boarding facility is a great option! It would be good for him to play with other dogs.

  • By Deb Pearl - Reply

    That is really nice that group play at a dog boarding center could help alleviate separation anxiety. I know that my dog gets really lonely when I have to go to work for long periods of time. I would love to leave my dog at a boarding facility if it would help them feel better. Thank you for the information!

  • By Amanda Drew - Reply

    I like how you say that dog boarding can help if your pet is a bit timid. My dog, Killer, is scared of little dogs, and I need to go on a trip on the other side of the country. I’ll have to find a dog boarding place that will take Killer so that he can be taken care of and hopefully become less timid.

  • By Millie Hue - Reply

    It got me when you said that bringing the dog to a pet daycare will help reduce the anxiety in a dog. As you mentioned, the play time and socialization that they will be able to experience helps them to be more relaxed. With this in mind, I will consider looking for a daycare this weekend for my dog because I will be gone for two days due to work-related errands. I will be visiting clients in different states, so thanks for the information!

  • By Olivia Pearson - Reply

    I like how you said that by allowing your pet to stay at a pet day care and boarding center, you ensure that he or she is safe, and socializing with other pets. I think it’s so important that your pet stay happy and emotionally healthy while you’re out of town. My family is going to take a trip in a few weeks, and we can’t bring our puppy. We’ll have to find a veterinary hospital in our area that offers a pet day care and boarding service, so that our dog can stay healthy and energetic all week long while we’re away.

  • By Sariah Meagle - Reply

    Knowing that my dog will fall in good hands will give me some peace of mind as you mentioned if I decide to get him into a pet boarding facility. I do agree that people and other pets will help him get over his anxiety as you pointed out and allow him to have fun on his own. Since you pointed out that these facilities encourage good behavior, I’ll be able to pick him up from work and know that I’ll be going home with a good dog.

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