Grooming Rates

dog grooming glendale  

Extra Short Hair$25$35$45$55$70+
Short Hair$35$45$55$65$80+
Long Hair$45$55$65$80$95+
Extra Short HairNANANANANA
Short Hair$45$55$65$75$90+
Long Hair$55+$65+$75+$90+$105+
Full GroomX-SmallSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Extra Short HairNANANANANA
Short Hair$60$70$80$90$105+
Long Hair$70+$80+$90+$105+$120+
Ala Carte Grooming Services
Teeth Brushing$12
Face Trim$15+
Paw Trim$12
Specialty Bath Add-Ons
Medicated Anti-Itch Bath$20+
Flea & Tick Treatment$30+
Deshedding Treatment$30+
Skunk Remediation Bath$40+


The grooming shop is available by appointment only. Same day requests can sometimes be accommodated but we strongly suggest making a reservation in advance.

All baths and cuts include nail trim and ear cleaning. Anal glad expression will not be included based on current veterinary guidance

All prices are base prices and are subject to adjustment based on the length and condition of your dog’s coat, as well as the temperament and cooperation level of your dog.

Extra-long fur, curly or complicated fur, or double coated fur will be charged a surcharge.