dog-boarding-glendaleThe Hounds Club Boarding Experience

Never Settle for Anything Less!

The Hounds Club is the perfect solution for dog owners who don’t want their dogs spending their nights locked in a crate without companionship while they’re away.

Traditional boarding facilities like to embellish their accommodations by calling them Suites, Casitas, or Bungalows, but they’re really just fancy names for fancy cages. At the end of the day, dogs are stuck in these cages all alone, usually in an empty building, until the morning shift breezes in.

We know that dogs are pack animals by nature and crave companionship, especially when in unfamiliar surroundings away from their families, so at The Hounds Club, we offer communal bunk beds, where dogs will sleep snuggled up with their new canine friends. And because every dog likes a little extra reassurance, one of our staff members will sleep right alongside our guests, making sure everyone gets the all the special attention and cuddles they need.

It’s natural for dog owners to be concerned about the welfare and happiness of their dog while they’re away, but there’s no need to worry when your dog is boarded at The Hounds Club. With our overnight boarding, your dog will be among friends, playing all day and snuggling all night.

We give dogs all the companionship and attention they crave, and you can rest assured that they are being well cared for in a secure, stress-free and supervised environment.