Healthy, Stimulating, Cage-Free Play and Socialization

We believe that socialization, stimulation, and lots of exercise are key ingredients for a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog. Dogs are social animals that need to interact with other dogs and people on a regular basis, and they’ll receive that and more with
The Hounds Club Cage-Free Daycare.

Our expansive Indoor/Outdoor Dog Park is divided into three play areas, so dogs of all sizes and speeds have their own space to run, play, fetch, socialize or nap, all as they see fit. We let our canine friends determine their own itinerary of daily activities. Just like people, every dog has its own idea of what makes for a great day, and it’s our job to help them do what they do best.

In addition to new playmates, your dog can interact with our well-trained and caring staff. They are always in the room to offer the safety and comfort of around-the-clock supervision, not to mention countless hugs, head scratches and belly rubs as needed.

Offering superior standards of cleanliness, sanitation and security, The Hounds Club is the safe, healthy and convenient way to guarantee that your dog gets all the stimulation and socialization he or she needs to stay happy and healthy.

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