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Benefits of Dog Daycare & Boarding

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Benefits of Dog Daycare include the following and more…

  • glendale dog daycarePeace of Mind:   You have the satisfaction of knowing that your dog is safe, well cared for, and active. Happily running with his pack of friends throughout the day, even while you are stuck exhausted at work, your best friend will still get his day at the park.
  • Anxiety:   Group play and socialization can alleviate separation anxiety, and related destructive behavioral tendencies, by introducing your dog to new canine playmates and human friends while they are away from you.
  • Behavior:   With plentiful stimulation, dog daycare can help alleviate behavior problems such as excessive barking, chewing and digging, which can result from boredom or a lack of exercise.
  • Social Skills:   Through one-on-one and group play, dogs form friendships, increase their social skills, and learn to play safely and confidently with other dogs. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs that are timid or fearful.
  • Training:   Dogs use up a great deal of energy during their time at daycare, which makes for a well-rested and relaxed dog at home. Relaxed, calm dogs make for much better pupils than rambunctious cooped up dogs.
  • Value:   Dog walkers charge up to $50 per hour for their services, during which your dog will get a spin around the neighborhood and maybe meet a few dogs along the way. For equal or less money, your dog gets up to 12 hours stimulating  play and  socialization with trained supervision.