About Us

The Hounds Club

It’s Not About Us, it’s About You and Your Dog!

los angeles dog daycare The Hounds Club is made up of dog lovers and owners, just like you. We love, pamper, and even spoil them, and believe that they are members of our family.

Just like you, we worry about our dogs and want the very best for them. When we are away, we want them to be safe and healthy, and also want them to be happy, with lots of exercise, socialization, and companionship.

That is why we established the Hounds Club, to share with our clients the kind of place that we would feel comfortable leaving our own dogs. The kind of place where you can leave your dog for a few hours or even a few months with the peace of mind and confidence that your best friend is in good hands.

We believe that the Hounds Club is that place, with caring staff, a clean well-managed facility, and loads of friendly canine playmates including all of our own dogs.

Your dogs are your family, and we’d love it if they would come join ours!