The Hounds Club Partners with Ken-Mar Rescue

Ken Mar Rescue

kenmar partnerThe Hounds Cub is excited to announce that we’ve just formed a partnership with Ken-Mar Rescue a fantastic organization that rescues, fosters & finds homes for “last day” dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

Starting today, Ken-Mar Orphans will have a chance to run and play and socialize with other wonderful dogs because we’ve offered to host their little ones for daycare!

Once the Ken-Mar orphans meet with our staff and pass an evaluation, they will be joining our group of friendly dogs for a fantastic day of play. We are so excited that they will get to have a great time, and even more excited that we will be able to show everyone what playful social dogs they are.

Dog Daycare Ken-Mar RescueWe will post lots of great pictures of the orphans on The Hounds Club Facebook page, and you can even go see them in action at our Club, playing the day away. If you have any questions, our staff there will be happy to tell you all about the adorable dogs available for adoption.

The Hounds Club will be regularly hosting friendly, social Ken-Mar orphans for dog daycare, and doing our best to help them find new homes.

Now you can take a tour of the Hounds Club thanks to a great video they created featuring their rescues Leela and Praline!

Please visit their site, come see the dogs, and help us share the love for animal rescue!

Ken-Mar Rescue

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