Professional Dog Grooming Services in Glendale, CA

A dog after dog grooming in Glendale, CA

Nestled in the heart of Glendale, CA, The Hounds Club stands as the premier destination for dog daycare, boarding, and grooming. With a passion for pampering pooches and a commitment to excellence, we offer a sanctuary where tails wag with joy and furry friends feel right at home.

Personalized Offerings

A clean dog is a happy dog, and regular grooming is essential for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being. At The Hounds Club, we understand the importance of keeping your canine companion clean and comfortable. Our expert dog grooming services go beyond a simple trim or bath—we provide personalized care tailored to your dog’s unique needs. From luxurious baths using premium products to meticulous grooming sessions, we ensure your furry friend looks and feels their best.

Professional Dog Groomers

Our dedicated team of dog groomers is committed to providing top-notch services for dogs of all breeds, sizes, coat types, and temperaments. With years of experience and a passion for pampering pets, our groomers take pride in delivering professional care and attention to every furry client.

From the tiniest teacup breeds to the largest giants, our skilled groomers have the expertise to handle dogs of all sizes with ease and expertise. Whether your pup has fluffy fur, a sleek coat, or anything in between, our groomers utilize specialized techniques to ensure that every dog looks and feels their best.

When it comes to temperament, our groomers understand the importance of creating a calm and stress-free environment for each dog. With gentle handling and patience, we build trust with even the most anxious pups, ensuring a positive grooming experience for all.

Choose The Hounds Club for all your dog grooming needs and experience the difference that personalized care can make in your pet’s life. Get in touch with our dedicated dog groomer today.


The Only Thing Better than a Happy Dog is a Clean, Great Smelling Happy Dog