grooming for dogsWe are proud to announce that Seusspup Pet Grooming has taken up residence in The Hounds Club, offering full service pet grooming focused on creating a low stress, nurturing, calming grooming experience for your pet.

Seusspup caters to dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, providing beautiful breed standard grooming, as well as practical pet grooming. They customize each groom to reach the individual pet’s cutest potential and are happy to accommodate owner requests. From keeping up with global grooming trends, to getting creative with color, let Seusspup help your pet find their individual style.

Because Seusspup is located inside of The Hounds Club, appointments could not be more convenient.  Feel free to set up a specific time, or simply drop off for daycare and pick up your clean, tired, beautifully groomed dog at the end of the day.  Contact us today to schedule your grooming appointment!


The Only Thing Better than a Happy Dog is a Clean, Great Smelling Happy Dog