dog obedience training glendale


The Hounds Club is excited to team up with Tully’s Training to bring premier dog training services to daycare and boarding.  With a more than a decade of experience specializing in positive reinforcement and behavior modification, Tully’s will help you train the sociable, well-behaved dog you always dreamed of.  With private in-home training, as well as intro-level and advanced group classes, Tully’s can help with basic skills, good manners, and any behavioral issues you might be having with your dog.

As a client of the Hounds Club, Tully’s will integrate the time your dog spends here in into your overall training program. By providing structure and guidance at daycare, they can help build attentiveness and obedience not just at home, but in high-energy, high-distraction environments as well.

If you are not a client, Tully’s is of course still eager to hear from you and help you with all your dog training needs.  Contact the Hounds Club for a referral, or call them directly at 925-603-3647.